Why does my CBD cartridge crystalize?

We want to reiterate that any crystalization in ours or any other cbd vape products is perfectly normal with higher potency cbd. We here at Nyssa Valley Naturals only allow levels of 70% or above for our CBD content to ensure results. In addition to this, the melting point of CBD is approximately 160 degrees fahrenheit. Meaning that the concentrate needs this temperature to be fully liquid. When the concentration is high, and kept at room temperature, the cbd molecules begin to separate. Many are used to purchasing THC vape cartridges. CBD, on the other hand, has 2 alcohols per molecule, which is one more alcohol than what THC molecules have. Oftentimes that means that the more the molecules of CBD in a solution, the closer the alcohol (-OH) groups are. When the temperatures are right, the alcohol groups will force the molecules to bind tightly together, forming crystals. This crystallization will in no way affect the results of using our product, nor will it hurt your carts or vapes. If it does bother you, we recommend placing the cartridge in a plastic water proof bag and placing that bag into heated/boiling water for a few minutes.